Get Directions to UDrive of Reading: Your Local Used Car Dealer

With all the latest technology bells and whistles, who wouldn’t want a brand new car? These benefits may be tempting, but a new car often comes with a potentially hefty price tag especially for first-time and teen drivers. 

At UDrive, we are committed to getting our Reading and Shillington area communities in the driver seats of affordable, comfortable, and reliable models that still offer all the fun amenities of a new model.Whether that first-time driver is yourself or a family member, we encourage our first-time drivers to consider the reasons why you should buy a used car and browse our vast used car inventory.

Why Buy a Used Car?

Lower Insurance Rates: Most first-time drivers are typically teenage drivers, which comes with the unfortunate burden of higher insurance rates for younger, newer drivers. Those rates may also increase with a brand new model, because if a new car requires repair after an accident, the labor and parts needed will probably come with higher costs that require wider coverage.

High-End Trims, Low-End Costs: Buying “used” doesn’t mean you’re getting behind the wheel of a decades old jalopy. “Used” could very well mean a model that is only a few years old, which could mean it’s higher end trim will come at lower cost compared to buying a higher end trim of a new model. So there’s no need to pay more for incredible technology and convenience features!

Better Overall Value: Sadly, depreciation is inevitable. A car is an investment, and when you buy brand new at higher prices and rates, that return on your investment will greatly diminish when it’s time to sell or trade-in that once new car. A used car may still depreciate, but the initial costs of the purchase will be lower so when it’s time to sell or trade-in your used car, that return on investment will have greater value. 

Shop for Reliable Used Cars in Reading

At your local UDrive of Reading, we understand that car shopping for a new driver can be a daunting task. Although there is some peace of mind in knowing a brand new car has never had a history of accidents, a used car can very well give you the same clean bill of health, longevity, and experience as a new car without the prices and added costs. 

If you’re a first-time driver looking for your first used car, then contact us and visit UDrive of Reading ! We also encourage you to check out our used car specials!

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