Used Cars

If you are ready to buy a used car, look no further than UDrive of Reading. While shoppers in the Shillington and Reading areas have a variety of options to choose from, UDrive of Reading offers assistance in every step of the process that allows you the easiest car buying experience. 

Reputable Company

When buying a used car it is important to understand where it comes from. Our inventory is full of brand names you know and trust while our team is full of experts in the field. 

When choosing Craigslist you are missing out on the reputable experience, while all the right information may be on the listing, it is impossible to know exactly where the car or seller is coming from. UDrive of Reading is committed to transparency. 

Convenient Hours 

With UDrive of Reading you get predictability on hours. There will be no hassle in trying to figure out a match between two separate schedules. Come in when we are open and we will be sure to get you helped. 

We Approve Everyone

It is important to our team that everyone is able to walk away happy with their vehicle. We offer a variety of financing options so that you are able to understand the choices you make in paying for your vehicle. 

When buying from Craigslist you may feel the need to negotiate with the seller and even have to come up with the cash upfront. The financing process at our used car dealership is no hassle guaranteed, something you won’t find from Craigslist.

Trade Ins Accepted

Not only do we offer financing options, we also accept trade-ins to go towards your purchase. This option removes the stress of deciding what to do with your old vehicle before finding your next new to you option. Trade in is not something you will find when dealing directly with a seller. 

Shop Pre-Owned Vehicles in Shillington, PA 

Buying a used car directly from a seller might seem appealing, but at UDrive of Reading you will find various benefits from choosing us as your place of business. As a reputable company we are able to offer our customers predictability in hours and financing as well as trade in incentives. 

If you are ready to find your new to you vehicle be sure to contact us online or visit us in person at our conveniently located serving the Reading and Shillington areas. 

UDrive of Reading  

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