Tax Refunds for Car Down Payments

Get Your Tax Refund Today For a Used Car Down Payment at UDrive of Reading

New year, new tax season, so why not put your refund towards your next car! Instead of waiting weeks on end for your hard-earned refund, file for free with Tax Max today and you may be eligible for an up to $6,000 down payment towards your next car at UDrive of Reading. All refunds are pre-loaded on a debit card the same day!

How to Turn Your W-2 into a Use Car Down Payment

Turn your W-2 into a down payment in just a few steps!

1.)  Collect all your documents for the tax season

2.)  Visit your local Udrive of Reading dealer to fill out a few forms

3.)  Receive a your refund

4.)  Hit the road in your new vehicle today!

Don't let your credit or lack of down payment keep you off the road! We help good people everyday get awesome cars, SUVs, Minivans and Trucks! The best part is you get to pick what UDrive! At UDrive of Reading, our finance department is staffed with compassionate and understanding professionals who are dedicated to finding the best finance options for all of our shoppers, and we will help you get the most out of your tax return so you can get back on the road today! 

File Your Taxes for Free for a Down Payment Today!

We encourage all of our Reading area customers to make the most of this year’s tax season and get behind the wheel of their next quality, affordable, and reliable car today!

For more information on how to file your taxes with us for free and use your refund for a down paymen contact us today or pay your local UDrive of Reading dealer a visit

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