When the time comes to purchase a new-to-you vehicle, prospective buyers are excited for the chance to see what is available on the lot. With that excitement comes one question, what happens to the vehicle you already own? The team at UDrive of Reading is excited to assist you on your car buying journey, which includes knowing the best way to trade-in your previous vehicle. These car trade-in tips will help you get the best value from the buying experience. 

Know your Vehicles Value

It is important to understand what your vehicle is valued at before bringing it in to an auto dealer for a trade-in. Knowing the current sale value of your car as well as the cost of any repairs your vehicle may need will help give you a better understanding of what you could receive at trade in. 

Bring the Best Version of Your Car to Trade-In

When bringing a vehicle into trade it is important that it is at best physically and mechanically. This will allow the dealership to think only about the sale value of your vehicle and not potential repairs. 

Here are some steps to take to ensure your vehicle is at its best: 

- Detail the exterior of your vehicle

- Make sure the inside is free of trash and thoroughly cleaned out

- Bring the vehicle to a mechanic to fix any known issues

Have the Proper Paperwork

If you are considering trading in your vehicle you want to be sure you have all of the necessary paperwork. If the car has had any repairs bring the receipts with you to the dealership so that you can show the condition of various parts of the vehicle. 

Important paperwork to bring includes: 

- Car Title and Registration: this will allow you to easily transfer ownership of the vehicle

- Car Maintenance Receipts: this will help prove how well you have taken care of your vehicle 

- Loan Information: if you are still in the process of of paying off your car, you will need to bring in all of the financial documents

Trade-In Your Car at UDrive of Reading

At UDrive of Reading we are excited to help assist you during the vehicle trade-in process so that you can find the next best car for your needs. Please feel free to contact us online or visit us at our conveniently located used car dealership servicing the Shillington and Reading areas. 

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